Friday, August 3, 2012

Random Joys of Montana

Sun Point, Glacier National Park, MT
Tomorrow we begin driving east across Montana on our way to the Dakotas, and the past week has been a reminder of why we have enjoyed every opportunity to be in Big Sky country.  We have always enjoyed our time on the Haddock family property--each of the grandkids have a plaque in a tree that grows around the house--and the beauty we see here (3 deer crossing the lawn this evening).

We visited Glacier National Park--an amazing place filled with staggering beauty.  I'll try to post pictures later.  But let me just share some of the random joys of being here...

1.  Flathead sweet cherries.  If you like cherries, these Bing variety cherries are the biggest, sweetest cherries I think I ever had--we bought 5 lb. bags twice this week!!!

2. Driving on a two lane road  through open countryside with a sign that says "Speed Limit 70."  A few years ago, Montana had no upper speed limit on highways; "safe and reasonable" was the daytime standard.  Forced to adopt limits, they have kept them generous...and I like it!  It's 75 on on the freeways.

3. The big sky.  It really is amazing to see, especially when you have snow-capped mountains in the background and a large, blue lake in front of them (I'm thinking especially of the Flathead Lake region)

4. No sales tax.  Prices on the sticker are what you pay.  What a concept!

5. Naps Restaurant in Hamilton.  They serve a  13 oz. marinated top sirloin steak smothered in grilled mushrooms, with salad and fries, that is the BEST.  Kathy and I split it, and still had too much.

6. The Haddock home.  My in-laws built a place in the woods that is the definition of peaceful.  My father in law, Harold, and his wife Monteene have been gracious hosts allowing us to sleep late, take long walks, eat late breakfasts, and enjoy our surroundings.

We have been blessed!

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, MT