Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coming back, slowly

It has been a whirlwind of a spring and summer for me; with trips (both personal and professional) and guests and both the regular and special events of ministry so that my blogging has been pushed far down the list of things accomplished.  I wish it were different, but what things that WERE done would I NOT do?  That is always the question, isn't it?

I don't have any one thing to promote, but a number of smaller things that are before me...

One is an opportunity for the rest of June to get Matt Chandler's The Explicit Gospel as a FREE audiobook from ChristianAudio.com.  This is an excellent book to remind us just what the gospel is, and I really enjoyed reading it last year.  It would be of great encouragement to many of you.

And I would encourage you to bookmark that site if you like audiobooks--they make one available free every month.  I happen to use audiobooks as a great way to keep up with my "reading," especially when exercising, mowing the yard, or some other activity where listen while I work.

Second, I just want to rejoice in what God is doing for some friends who are seeking to serve the Lord around the world.  Our newest GBC supported family, the Awabdys, are closing in on 90% of their support.  The Hansons and Gatekeepers are near 90%, with potential to go into the mid 90s this month.  A dear family from California, the Gappers, just wrote that they have reached 100% of their need to head to China.

But even as I write this, I know of others who are just starting and need nearly 100%, and others laboring slowly to get the first half in.  Two such families are a part of our family here at Grace, and you will be hearing of these needs.  So much being given, yet so much still needed.  Pray for the Lord of the harvest to not only call these dear laborers, but to provide for them to be sent out!

Third, I'm very excited about this weekend as Trent and Bekah Rogers are here as candidates for the Adult Ministries Pastor position (for Trent).  I've come to appreciate this young couple and their son, Luke, and I look forward to the rest of the church getting to know them so that we can decide whether to call Trent to serve with us.  Please be in prayer for this great need.

Fourth, "The Other Initiative" is underway, with the first step of directional prayer being completed this month.  As I have prayed, I have not been surprised at the people God has brought to mind for me, maybe because my circle of contacts locally seems heavily weighted toward our church family (no surprises there), and there are just a few circles outside of that.  But I am encouraged nonetheless that God has has been confirming his answers to prayer.  How about for you?  Have you been praying?  Has God been working?

Fifth, many of you know that I am passionate about comprehensive immigration reform (you can see my earlier post here).  I am excited that there is movement on this issue in Congress.  The bill under consideration is not perfect, by a long shot.  But it does address border security, creation of laws that can be enforced, and a path toward legal status for the 11 million or so here without it that we will never remove (and in most cases would think it wrong to do so).  I'm not asking you to be a partisan, but would you pray that God would lead our officials to act in a way that is just, compassionate, and best serves the nation?