Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Musing on a Friday: Where is Beulah Land?

I love the music of the church today, but I often find songs from the church of my childhood stuck on "PLAY" in my head--and while some are a blessing, some are just corny (and not great theology, either). 

Question from today's blast from the past: where is Beulah Land, anyway, and why would we sing about corn and wine when we don't drink (just to be sure, I checked; the hymn was written by a Methodist 
evangelist, and at the time they were more teetotaling than Baptists)?

I'm thankful for the good old hymns--those that speak the truth of Scripture and our hope in ways that are both memorable and faithful to the Bible.  And I'm thankful for the good new hymns and songs that do the same.  And finally, I'm thankful to those who strive to write such songs and the people in my church who labor to find them, learn them, and teach them to us!

Please, though, no bad rhymes for "propitiation," and let's see if we can avoid uncertain heavenly geography.