Friday, May 27, 2011

Greetings from China!

Hello all!  I’ve arrived after lengthy (and delayed) flights in China, and have begun my travels here.  It was good to connect at Beijing airport with my host and friend, Myron Youngman, and journey together to our first stop, Chengdu.  This “second tier” city of 16 million (China has approximately 175 cities of 1,000,000 or more people) is the provincial capital of Sichuan, the area most effected by the earthquake a few years ago.  Efforts to rebuild and restore lives continue, and that will be the first visit we make today—to a center associated with CAVA, a Christian relief organization based here in China, and the first of its kind to work in cooperation with local governments as it does its work.  Friends and family at GBC may remember a visit from “Job,” the founder of this group, who introduced us to this very new opportunity of response to the needs created by the earthquake.  These centers have sought to help people meet pressing physical needs, but other needs as well.  We have been involved in development and function of one of these centers that I hope to see Sunday. 

Having last been in this beautiful country in the mid 1990s, I have already been impressed with the huge strides made in the cities in terms of infrastructure and sheer growth.  I’m sure that will hit hardest in Beijing when we return there, but even the airport I flew into was the third generation from the I arrived in 15 years ago—and a massive testament to the business development and wealth of this economic powerhouse.

More later, but for those wanting to keep posted, I am 12 hours ahead of my EDT home, so just think half a day ahead and you’ll know what time it is here—and all of China is on one time zone, so that’s even easier.  Myron sends his greetings to all at GBC, and so do I!