Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A timely reminder from Joel Rosenberg on "Shaking the Nations"

Once again, Joel Rosenberg offers thoughtful and challenging commentary on the current world situation. If you know me, you know I am not what would be considered a "prophecy fanatic." I do believe that Jesus is returning, and he may return at any moment to bring this age to its concluding scenes. I tend to shy away from confident assertions of particular strings of natural disasters as signs that Jesus is coming soon.

Yet we must avoid the error of becoming functional "naturalists,"--saying that these things are just all a part of processes God has set in motion and we have no idea what they mean. In fact, the Bible makes clear that every disturbance is under His direction, and that all of them are meant to make people turn to Him.

Not only are physical disturbances under God's direction, so is the issue of the rise and fall of nations in power and influence. As our own nation has just taken another step away from facing its financial folly, we should not think only of our political leaders and their collective lack of will, but also of God's will--specifically, his ability to remove His hand of blessing and instead bring about instability to cause His followers to repent and trust Him, and to cause unbelievers to seek His mercies.

Read Rosenberg's thoughts on this issue here.