Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reformation Day Resources on John Calvin

It's Reformation Day, and some people asked about more resources about John Calvin after my Reformation Sunday sermon this past Lord's Day.  You can access some materials through the link below.

First, there is a short, free biography by T.H.L. Parker, the best known modern biographer of Calvin, that is available from Desiring God Ministries here.  They also have a few other resources you can find at their site, some of which I used in my preparation for my message.  My major source from this ministry was John Calvin and His Passion for the Majesty of God, and it is found here.

If you have great interest in more than just Calvin, you could get John Piper's book on the lives of Augustine, Luther, and Calvin, called The Legacy of Sovereign Joy. It can be purchased or obtained in another free .pdf file from this link.  Piper is one of the biggest promoters of biography of famous Christians that we have today, and you can find other biographies like this one at Desiring God.

Another biography by a respected modern scholar is John Calvin, Pilgrim and Pastor, by Robert Godfrey.  One of our Grace CU students told me about a book by his high school instructor that tells the story of Calvin well in the form of historical fiction.  It's called The Betrayal: A Novel on John Calvin, and it is by Douglas Bond.  I've looked at reviews and plan to read it myself, but thought I would pass it along for others to review as well (Thanks, Christian Hayes!).

For those who missed the sermon, check the Grace website and soon you should find notes and video (audio should be up shortly as well--we're still working on restoring our iTunes podcast feed).

Have a Happy Reformation Day!