Thursday, April 18, 2013

George Beverly Shea Gets What He Always Wanted

His mother shared a poem with him during a time of trial in his life, and he put it to music, and the rest was history.  "I'd Rather Have Jesus," along with his rendition of "How Great Thou Art" were the two standards of his musical ministry spanning 7 decades with Billy Graham.  I was privileged to hear him sing his song in 2004 in Graham's last Los Angeles Crusade, when Shea was only 93 (Graham was 86 at the time).

Yesterday, at the age of 104, George Beverly Shea passed into the presence of his Savior.  It was as he sang--he wasn't rich, or powerful in the things of the world, but this gospel singer ministered to more people than any gospel singer on the planet.  The video below is Shea in his prime, 1965.  Enjoy hearing him sing his testimony one more time.