Monday, May 6, 2013

Some Links Worth Checking Out

Friends keep me reading, and these links have been very thought-provoking:

"The Socially Acceptable Sin."  The sin that Christians ignore that threatens our life and our health.  From Relevant Magazine.  And my reading articles in Relevant does not necessarily make me relevant.

"Grace to Those Coming out of the Closet." A post by Wade Burleson that helped me crystallize some of my thinking for my most recent message.

"Do You Want To Be A Burden To Your Children?"  Russell Moore answers that, in a sense, the answer should be "Yes!"  Read to discover more.

Here is a docudrama on the life of the great Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon.  You really ought to know more about this man.  Now you can watch a video and learn!

And for a lighter moment (or five)