Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Love Into Light:" New Book and Website Helping the Church Respond to SSA

I've just come across a new book and an associated website (h/t John Piper on Facebook), from Peter Hubbard called "Love Into Light."  The book is intended to help churches and pastors engage with biblical fidelity and humility those who face Same Sex Attraction (SSA), including those who have chosen to act on those desires.  The articles on the website are helpful, and would indicate an approach that echoes what I tried to share in our "No Easy Answers' series message on the subject.

Hubbard's comments on the demise of Exodus International are particularly helpful.  He rightly warns that Christians need to repent of arrogance, but that the message of repentance also is needed for those practicing homosexuality, right along with the message of the gospel--in fact, the gospel begins in both the preaching of John the Baptist and Jesus with repentance.  Of interest to me was his identification of the former board chairman of Exodus as a pastor whose teaching on the nature of grace is problematic, and follows a line I have seen in the past--thinking that says, "Christians need not ask forgiveness, they are already forgiven," and "God is not moved by our bad works any more than he is by our good works."  Historically, this has been categorized as "antinomian" thinking (the word means "no law") and has been rightly condemned as error.

Read the article, and perhaps buy the book.

And you can watch the message from the series here:

No Easy Answers (2013-03-17) "When Gay Comes to Church" from Grace Baptist Ch, Cedarville OH on Vimeo.