Thursday, September 5, 2013

Steve Saint-one year later

Last year, Steve Saint was critically injured in a crash of a prototype of the flying vehicles his company, I-TEC, is developing for indigenous peoples around the world.  It was uncertain if he would survive.  He has, and praises the Lord.  But it hasn't been easy, and it still isn't.

Steve's father was killed by tribal people that he was trying to reach with the Gospel.  Steve later came to know and love these people and was part of the efforts that saw them come to Christ.  Later, he lived among them to help them in the midst of dire circumstances and saw the need to help them live independent of "first world" control but with the advances technology could give them.  Thus, I-TEC was born.

Steve has given much of  his life to helping such peoples around the world, and his continuing efforts are an example in every way to us all.  Watch the video and be encouraged.  And then, pray for Steve and for I-TEC