Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Music Videos!

I love Christmas music, and now that Thanksgiving is past, I want to enjoy it fully.  I also want to share some of it with you.  So here are some Christmas music videos for your enjoyment!  (NOTE: I do not endorse any ads that may show up with these videos!)

First, the Piano Guys...

 I have a great love for a capella music, and Pentatonix has done a great Christmas album. Here is a sample.

Peter Hollens does a capella music as well.  By himself.  Here is his multi-track rendition of O Holy Night.

Here's another from Pentatonix, only because I like their style so much!

Finally, here's a fun one for all you Star Trek fans--yes, that is another one of my strange quirks.  And you can stop it at the 1:10 mark if you don't want to hear about the creator's new video game.