Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Links to Help You Think

While these links share no particular subject, they are excellent "thought provokers" and encouragements to maturity.  Enjoy.

Matt Walsh writes a great post on one cultural decline: "Chivalry is Out of Style."

Anyone have kids' schedules that are crazy?  Is it spiritually healthy?  Check this article's conclusions and links:  Busy All the Time: Overscheduled Children and the Freedom of the Gospel."

Want to more about both the unfinished task of missions and the diminishing task?  Resources are aplenty at these two sites, so start digging:  The Joshua Project and The U.S. Center for World Mission.

Still love print books?  You are not alone.  Here's the latest data: "Books Are Not Dead. Long Live Books."

Al Mohler gives a great evaluation of the recent decision that removed restrictions on polygamy in Utah, and what it may or may not mean for those who want all "morals" laws to disappear:  "The End of Morality Laws? Not Exactly."

For those interested in Israeli history and the significance of the death of Ariel Sharon, Joel Rosenberg's piece for National Review is a great summary of the life and complexities of  "Israel's Warrior."

Here is a link to a blog post by a friend and missionary, Amy Medina, whose blog is worth reading anytime.  Her post, entitled "Toxic Charity," is a home run on the problems of unintended consequences that accompany many compassion efforts.