Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Saturday Musical Fun

Alright, after some pretty significant posts, I digress into some fun for Saturday, that ties together some varied themes in my life.

The organ. I grew up in churches with organs. I heard some pretty good organists, too. You probably have to develop a taste for organ music, but I actually did. Part of that was deepened because we had an organ in our home growing up, in addition to our piano. That is because of a second thread...

My Dad. Dad really loves organ music and was himself either an aspiring or frustrated organist, depending on the day. He actually was pretty good when he was playing regularly, but finding time to play and practice regularly was pretty difficult for a lot of years. I dabbled a bit on the organ, and while I only took piano lessons, I actually wound up being an "emergency organist" in one or two services in my early years--and never again! I still enjoy hearing good organ music of various kinds, from classical pipe organ to jazz organ to the grand sound of a theater pipe organ. Speaking of theaters, the third thread of this three strand cord is...

Star Wars. I am a dyed in the wool fan, who saw the originals in theaters, numerous times, and have owned the various media versions as they have emerged. My dad wasn't as much of a fan, but his name is Luke.

So, when a friend highlighted the video below, I had to watch it, and smiled the whole way through. It brought together the joy of hearing a theater pipe, thinking about my Dad, and Star Wars all at once. You can click and enjoy, too!