Thursday, April 24, 2014

Links That Make Me Think

Here are some links I found this week that made me think about various matters in our world today.

We've just celebrated our 44th annual Earth Day. Did you get a present? A mental present was this article, which reminded me of the dire predictions being made about the environment in the 1970s that did NOT come true. Our population has not led to widespread famine to the point where continents have been depopulated. The twenty years of chilling have NOT led to an ice age. And air pollution has NOT led to poisoning in major cities (this is one problem that was being addressed then and continues to be, although don't tell China that). Read an be reminded that the "experts" certainty of outcomes then and now needs to be tempered with humility. Sometimes things work differently than we believe. Sometimes we do wake up and make some good changes. And sometimes disaster may come from where you least expect it. 13 Most Ridiculous Predictions Made on Earth Day, 1970 — Jon Gabriel | Ricochet:

Charles Murray is one of the most brilliant scholars of our time. His "Coming Apart" is both troubling and compelling analysis of the fracturing American culture. Azusa Pacific caved into to pressure to uninvite him. BOO! The Master's College is having him instead. YAY! Read this wonderful "open letter" he wrote to APU's students. An Open Letter to the Students Of Azusa Pacific University, from Charles Murray

I've made no secret of my appreciation for Bill Brown's blog--I've cited it numerous times on Facebook and Twitter, and now here. And I've also made no secret of my cautionary approach to the movie and book "Heaven is For Real"--and all claims to have visited Heaven and returned to tell the tale. Now Bill has tackled this subject in his own, thought provoking way--looking at the movie, Hollywood's interests in the afterlife, and our possible response to it all in this post, Heaven is For Sale.

Earlier in April I attended the T4G Conference in Louisville, and heard tremendous messages from the Word encouraging us toward faithfulness in sharing the Gospel. Kevin DeYoung gave a powerful message on the Word of God, and you can see that message at this link--note, that this is the first of three parts, and as you finish part one you will see the links to part two and three. Kevin DeYoung, "Never Spoke a Man Like This Before: Inerrancy, Evangelism, and Christ's Unbreakable Bible.