Saturday, January 24, 2015

Found: A Fragment of Mark's Gospel from the First Century!

Back in 2013, I worked alongside Dr. Scott Carroll in Chiang Mai, Thailand, whose labors were with ancient manuscripts. He shared in a seminar I attended how papyrus fragments that had been used to make Egyptian burial masks were yielding a treasure trove of documents, both biblical and non-biblical. He also indicated that I should be watching for an important announcement that would cause many who doubt the early dates we accept for biblical books to be forced to reconsider. For example, many reject the idea that Mark's gospel was written in the first century (Bart Ehrman, a well known atheist makes this claim).

Dr. Daniel Wallace (a very well respected biblical scholar and textual expert) alluded to the coming announcement in a debate with Ehrman, who challenged such a tactic without giving the proof. Wallace was not free to disclose the details at that time. Late last year, the announcement was made. Here is a video of Dr. Craig Evans describing what has been found. Keep in mind, that if we have manuscript pieces that were being discarded in the mid 80s, then the original had to be earlier!