Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A great quote from Doug Wilson

I don't like to get into political matters very often publicly, for fear that my individual statements may be taken as the positions of either my church or Christians like me, but this quote from Douglas Wilson, discussing both secular conservativism and secular liberalism's fatal flaws was funny and pointedly correct about current thinking.
"Progressives think that if we get a big enough mob outside Isaac Newton's house chanting, "Hey, hey, ho, ho, gravitation's got to go," that we can get our way with him, which will then enable everybody in the mob to float home, and why didn't we think of this before?"--Douglas Wilson
He had earlier said that secular conservatives talk sense without a foundation (they are often right but have no ultimate basis for their starting points), while secular liberals talk nonsense without one (they believe that whatever people want at the time is a starting point, which means positions change with popularity).

He's much more Reformed than I am, but his blog is often a good read and has a clever name:  Blog and Mablog