Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Scot McKnight's Rethinking of the Gospel

OK, I have got to get and read this book, but not because I think I'm going to like it. The book is The King Jesus Gospel, and it purports to offer a radical, new understanding of what the Gospel is, with the underlying premise that our long held, Reformational understanding is wrong (he calls it "the soterian" or "salvation" gospel and says it is too individualistic).  He favors something he develops as "the story gospel" which is narrative in style and culminates in a more communal/corporate idea of salvation without losing the individiual element.  That is the summary I get from his blog, but need to read the book to grasp it more fully.

Any time a 21st century thinker comes along and tells me that "everything must be rethought!" I get skeptical.  He goes so far as to say that the "old" way is not harmonizable with his approach and must be abandoned in favor of it.  And for good measure, N. T. Wright, whose writings on justification have the same call for a "new" way of thinking, writes the introduction(along with Dallas Willard).  Having heard and read McKnight in the past, I've had appreciation for much he has written, and had questions, too.  Looks like I may be in for more of the quesitons.

I read his article on this in Christianity Today around Christmas.  He writes a little about this at his blog, Jesus Creed, and you can find his thoughts in this post: On Tweaking the Soterian Gospel