Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More on fasting: The "Daniel Fast"

(This is some of the "more information" I promised in the post from Sunday, found here. )

There is a significant amount of material on the web and other sites related to the "Daniel" fast, named for the biblical prophet who in Daniel 1 and 10 used this particular diet.  The first time was to test God's faithfulness to Daniel and his friend's obedience in following Hebrew dietary laws.  The second was to discover the meaning of a vision he had received from God.  Daniel fasted for three weeks, and so this fast is often for that duration.

A Daniel fast is simply choosing a vegetarian (or possibly "vegetation"--that is, anything that comes from the ground) and water diet.  Some use juices as well.  It would involve no dairy and no meat.  It is often used for a period of seeking God, not just a day or two of fasting.

I spoke with someone today whose former church used to use this any time they faced a significant decision or development, with very affirming results.  This is not to say you must, but only that this is another aspect of this wonderful "tool" called fasting that is available to help you seek God.

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