Monday, November 21, 2011

Off to Israel

Well, I am sitting in the Columbus airport, waiting for a slightly delayed flight that still will get us to Philadelphia 3 hours before we catch our next flight to Israel.  15 of us are here, 6 more will join us in Philadelphia, and 7 will meet us in Tel Aviv for this tour.  For the first time, we are beginning in the desert south of Israel, staying the first night in Beersheva, Isaac's abode during much of his life.  I'm anxious to get there again--this is my tenth trip.  Even so, there are places we will see this time that I have not seen before.  As we leave, I'm rejoicing in the good report from our Harvest Offering.  As of this morning we are around $$62,000, meaning all but one of the projects are funded, and my prayer is that the next few days and weeks will see the final project completed!

I am hoping to have access to blog, and maybe even post a picture or two each time--but I make no promises!  Pray for us, if you are not too jealous, that God will use this time to deepen our understanding of His Word as we walk the land of the Bible!