Thursday, October 10, 2013

Put Your Theological Thinking Caps On

I am always coming across articles that deserve some thought, and maybe some comment.  Let me put a few links in front of you and let you do a little thinking as well.

"Uncovering the Head Covering Debate" is an article by a Luma Simms asking a very interesting question from the perspective of the churches of the Middle East and Eastern Europe where women have continued to wear head coverings.  The question is, "Why is this issue not discussed in western churches?"  We easily say, "that was only cultural," but should we rethink the issue, or not?

"Eleven Giving Guidelines To Combat Materialism" is Randy Alcorn's succinct but probing checklist to help you consider how to be a biblical giver and not a worldly materialist.  Good stuff, and simple to think through, too.

The Importance of An Historical Adam is a fairly lengthy but important article detailing the history of denying Adam's historical existence among scholars, and the importance of maintaining this truth for our faith.  Without a real Adam, concepts such as original sin and imputed righteousness fall apart.

The Global Rich List is a calculator that allows you to use your net income or total wealth (net worth) and calculate where you stand in the world in terms of riches.  I doubt any of you will come in less than the top 10% in the world, and most would be much higher.  I include this only to remind us of just how much we have as we think about issues of stewardship and generosity (Harvest Offering, perhaps?)