Thursday, October 31, 2013

Two helpful links...

I've come across a couple of links related to past posts that may be a further help and encouragement on the issues involved.  See below...

Regarding same sex attraction
Leadership Journal's online newsletter had the fascinating testimony of a woman who was brought to Christ out of a lesbian lifestyle through a church's loving witness.  "Leaving My Lesbian Past" was written by Charlene Hios, who is engaged in ministry to those living out same sex lifestyles, and is a powerful reminder of the love of Christ. I've posted on this subject a few times back in March and in 2012, and also preached on it in our "No Easy Answers" series.  You can go to GBC's website media tab and find that series and message--"When Gay Comes to Church."  Or you can find it here.

Regarding the recent controversy over spiritual gifts
Another pastor has written very well on the "Strange Fire" controversy, and it doesn't hurt that we agree.  Wade Burleson's "Make No Apology for Desiring the Acts of Acts" is a well done argument for theological continuationism, while acknowledging being an experiential cessationist.  Go to my last post to see what the controversy was about.