Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Call to be "Radical"

I'm currently reading the book, Radical, Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream, by David Platt.  It is an excellent book in many ways, and it certainly will provoke a lot of people, both positively and negatively.  I find it uncomfortable, in a good sense.  Platt makes me ask if I am defining my expectations of Christian living through the lenses of American concepts, rather than biblical ones.  I'm only half way through, so I can't review it yet.  I can tell you that it is worth the time to read.

However, I read a section that had generated some negative comments in otherwise glowing reviews, and came across this review by Kevin DeYoung, with responses from David Platt.  It is an example of careful analysis, as well as thoughtful and charitable response.  I was almost as blessed by this interchange as I have been by the book.