Friday, January 7, 2011

"Radical" is, well, radical.

Now that I've finished the book, I have to say that David Platt's Radical: Taking Your Faith Back from the American Dream is one of the most compelling books I've read lately.  It is drawn from sermons, and it preaches!  It also persuades, even if you can pick some nits with some of his illustrations or what some may say are overstatements (see links from my previous post on this book when I was half way through it. 

What I would have to say is that you cannot read it without wrestling with the question, is my practice and expectation of Christian living shaped primarily by my culture and surroundings, or by the teachings of the New Testament?  After reading this, I am wrestling, and that's a good thing.  You may need to do so as well.  I'm old enough to have heard most everything Platt has said here, and have even said some of it myself in the past, but the presentation here is still compelling.  I highly commend this book for your reading and consideration.  But be prepared to become very uncomfortable.