Monday, January 31, 2011

Praying God's Promises

(This was the previous "inspirational" thought for the day in the Greene County Dailies from January 20th).

My wife and I are going through Charles Spurgeon’s “Cheque Book on the Bank of Faith,” his daily reminders of the various promises of God.  His purpose in writing was simple—to cause believers in God’s Word to actively pray for what God has promised to his children.  Each day we have been reminded of some provision that the Father makes for those who follow His Son.  As I have looked at these promises, I’ve been struck by two truths.   First, there are many things I ask God for that he has not promised—health for me or my loved ones, positive outcomes in times of trouble, or even clear paths to follow Him.  Little wonder I sometimes struggle with unanswered prayer.  But I also often fail to pray for what he has promised—forgiveness, wisdom, mercy,  grace, endurance, holiness, and love, to name just a few.  Perhaps if I asked for more of what he says he will freely give, and a little less demandingly for things I assume should come to pass, my prayers (and my life) might be more pleasing to God and fruitful in my life.  I’m going to try—how about you?