Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Resources to Help Understand Pro-Life Issues and Arguments

In trying to narrow down a list of resources, I have opted to include just a few books and some web links that will take you much further in this subject.  It is certainly not an exhaustive list; however, these are good resources for understanding, assisting, and articulating a consistently pro-life view.

Life Training Institute Blog:  http://lti-blog.blogspot.com/
Randy Alcorn’s Eternal Perspectives Ministries:  www.epm.org
Two of Randy’s books on the subject:

Focus on the Family has many resources available at www.family.org
Care Net—a network of pro-life pregnancy centers.  www.care-net.org
National Right to Life, the oldest “pro-life” advocacy group  www.nrlc.org

Two more books:

Abortion: A Rational Look at an Emotional Issue, by R. C. Sproul

And here is an amazing apologetic video from Ray Comfort that tackles the issue through a historic perspective.  WARNING: This is not for children, and has some disturbing images.